Foodtech is fundamentally changing what, how and why we eat.

Foodtech is fundamentally changing what, how and why we eat.

Home meal delivery is on the rise, and there sure are lots of options to choose from in Toronto!

“For some, the acts of growing, cooking and eating food are savored and sacred; for others, they’re a means of survival. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, there is likely a company out there that is vying for your business. Many of these companies are fundamentally changing what, how and why we eat.

platforms like Chef’s Plate reduce the amount of time and thought required to cook a healthy and tasty meal by delivering restaurant-quality recipes and all of the necessary ingredients right to your doorstep (so long as you live in one of their many Ontario delivery zones).”

— Farah Momen of MaRS via


This Thursday we’ll be trying out our very first Chefs Plate delivery. Getting started with ‘Lemongrass Coconut Fish Curry

Gently cooked in coconut milk, basa is a delicious canvas to feature bold Thai-inspired ingredients, including lemongrass, lime and fresh chili. You’ll build a creamy, aromatic broth before poaching the basa, infusing it with a world of tropical flavour.

Can’t wait! 🤩🍽


Also on our #3platesfromTO list this week is…

Spiced Steak & Garlic Salsa Verde

Deliciously seared steak takes on a world of flavour with a South American inspired rub and dazzle of salsa verde. A sprinkle of parmesan cheese turns roasted kale chips into an addictive crispy side, with roasted fingerling potatoes to mop up the piquant steak juices.

Greek Chicken & Tzatziki Sauce

Fresh and healthy Greek-inspired flavours come through in this succulent chicken dish. Bright lemon, baby spinach and cherry tomatoes infuse their punchy flavour into warm cracked wheat, making a satisfying twist on tabbouleh. A thick and creamy tzatziki is a tasty flourish for the seared chicken.


Check back soon for honest and heartfelt our review!



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